IronCAD 2D drawing module for woodworking | woodLAB

Automatic 2D drawings of your bespoke cabinets

The 2D Drawing module: not to be underestimated!

2D drawing for woodwork and interior design

Even if the purpose of woodLAB is to go directly and automatically to the CNC machine, it does not mean that you can permanently deprive yourself of 2D drawing.

In our customers' opinion, the 2D drawing module is also a strong point of the woodLAB software (thanks to IronCAD) and a weak point for many of our competitors!

When and in which cases should you draw in 2D?

A dynamic connection with the 3D object

woodLAB is primarily a 3D CAD software. The 2D drawing module is called "dynamic" because it maintains a link with the 3D source object. Any modification of it, is reflected automatically on the 2D drawing. What a time saving!

The CAXA DRAFT module

IronCAD's CAXA DRAFT module lets you manage and edit legacy DWG / DXF data or even create new 2D designs using a familiar industry interface.

Very often, architects send you 2D drawings in DWG / DXF format. Thanks to CAXA DRAFT, you can open, read, edit, save and exploit them in woodLAB (solid extrusion, wood panel etc ...).