woodLAB | 3D design of Flight Cases and production on CNC

3D design of flight cases in an ultra-flexible wayflight Cases

Although woodLAB is intended for interior design, in certain niche markets its powerful functionalities can be used where they are not expected. This is the case for the manufacture of Flight Cases in serie or bespoke ones but necessarily on a CNC machine.

woodLAB makes it very easy to design bespoke parametric Flight-Cases using specialized hardware stores such as Penn-Elcom or Adam Hall. Even better, thanks to IronCAD, you can reproduce these hardware yourself and integrate them into woodLAB!

Corner hardware for flight cases Handle for Flight Case Closing system for Flight Case Closing system for Flight Case

Exemple de machine CNC Biesse Rover avec table NestingNesting-type CNC machines are the most efficient for obtaining unparalleled productivity in the manufacture of custom Flight Cases. We have post processors for most Western European CNC machine manufacturers(clic here)

Thanks to the optimizer integrated into woodLAB CAM, you reduce waste and guarantee optimal production. To guarantee production monitoring, we recommend that you also equip yourself with QA\Label, a labeling system that can be adapted to any cutting machine.

Don't forget to watch our YouTube channel a 6-minute video that explains in detail the Flight Case production process

or this one but beware that a Pods & Rails CNC machine (as illustraded in this video) will be less efficient.