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CAD made easy with one click.

Cabinet and furniture making can be achieved in various ways and through several steps while taking into account the CNC's machining requirements.. Oikema makes this process much easier.

IronCAD cabinet and carpentry features allow for the direct modelling of any solid item and its integration with other objects in the design.

  • woodLAB CAD interface
  • Create cabinet
  • Fitting
  • Outlines
  • Pannel
  • Outlines hardwood
  • Bespoke
  • Cabinet embedded with another cabinet
  • Steady dimensions
  • 2D drawings and BOM
  • Exploded view
  • Drawers

Oikema, cad software for cabinet makers, offers the same woodwork features, only easier to use, optimized for furniture design and bespoke cabinets, and inspired by the tools used by joiners, carpenters, cabinet makers and interior designers.

The most important tool, however, remains the user, and his creativity. No computer tool can ever replace the creativity, intelligence and experience required to design a 3D object.

Free: download the cabinet software.

Oikema is an application developed exclusively for the 3D direct modeler IronCAD, Solidworks' competitor. Oikema increases the power and simplicity of IronCAD's direct modeling by adding various parametric tools and by adding the joinery functions most often used for the creation of wooden furniture and joinery elements.

These tools allow to manage: materials (type, thickness, shavings, price, weight, etc.), hardware (positioning, price), single and multiple drilling (32-system), shapes, a cabinet manager, BOM and cutlists.. Oikema uses the same "Drag'n'drop" approach as the one IronCAD is known for, with the added value of its user-friendly graphical user interface.

The features and tools available in OIKEMA enable users to manage:

  • Creation of hardware parts
  • Creation of wooden parts or panels
  • Generic materials management
  • Positioning, copy, edition or deletion of hardware parts
  • Update of machining and drilling operations
  • Drilling of a hole or a fitting
  • Creation of profiling tools (flat arch, radii, chamfer, etc...)
  • Grooving
  • Addition of intermediate rails and liners, shelves, backing boards
  • Creation of front models (doors or drawer fronts
  • Creation of drawer models - Blum - Hettich - Grass - Salice
  • Materials management (boards, wood, edges, etc...)
  • Creation of a full list of materials (including hardware) exportable to several formats
  • Automatic exportation of all existing machining operations to WOODLAB CAM

Below, a few examples of the OIKEMA's features.

  • Apply drill
  • Bill of material
  • Create bespoke cabinet
  • Copy hardware
  • Create explosion
  • Curved panel
  • Edit hardware
  • Generic panel
  • Place hardware
  • HW library
  • Set materials
  • Multiholes
  • Outline
  • Panel
  • Place divisions
  • Place doors
  • Place drawers
  • Place panel
  • Remove drill
  • Single hole
  • Slot
  • Suppres/Unsupress HW
  • Apply drill
  • Update features

The icons are clear and user friendly.

In conclusion, these companies have transformed what they initially saw as a handicap into an asset on arrival!

The most commonly used furniture hardware:
Furniture hardware Blum Furniture hardware Hettich Furniture hardware Häfele Furniture hardware Salice Furniture hardware Grass Furniture hardware Ta'Or Furniture hardware Hawa Furniture hardware Eku Furniture hardware Van Opstal