Download a trial version valid for 30 days

IMPORTANT: woodLAB only makes sense if you have a CNC machine in your workshop.

And access for free for 30 days to the video platform ACADEMY BASIC thanks to which you will be able to learn by yourself and at your own pace woodLAB and its numerous functionalities.

This step is essential for your learning to bear fruit. Do not underestimate this step.

PS: The trial version does not install woodLAB CAM or woodLAB PLAN and therefore does not allow you to generate programs for your CNC machine.


Processus de téléchargement d'IronCAD

If you do not have an IronCAD license (version 2022 #PU1 #SP1 or higher), then please download IronCAD 2023.

Once IronCAD is installed on your computer and at the first launch, you will be prompted to register your trial license for 30 days.

You will be redirected to the IronCAD server in the United States. Simply enter your email address. That's all you have to do.

PS: depending on your connection speed, this step may take some time.


IMPORTANT: woodLAB only makes sense if you have a CNC machine in your workshop.
Compliant with W10 & W11 only.

Please fill out the form below to obtain your 30-day trial license of woodLAB and free access to our woodLAB ACADEMY video platform
You have access to twenty videos (+/- 3 min each) demonstrating how to work with the basic features of woodLAB.
This is important to make your woodLAB exprience succesful !

Attention: woodLAB runs in metric only !

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