Beam saw cutting optimizer for wood panels

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Once the project in woodLAB CAD is ready, the BOM is generated. Next, a cutting list in ASCII format (.txt) will be made automaticaly available for importation in woodLAB PLAN.

woodLAB PLAN is a cutting optimizer software for wood panels

Interface de gestion des bordereaux et optimisation de découpe

woodLAB PLAN is a cuting optimizer application for rectangular parts.

An essential application to optimize cuttings > Allows TIME and OFFCUTS control

  • Unlimited optimization of parts
  • Choice between unlimited boards formats
  • Multi material/ multi thickness management
  • Z and head cuts are available
  • Trimming operations
  • Blade thickness and grain direction are managed
  • Preview of cutting patterns
  • Edges and extra dimensions(edge thickness)
  • Wizard for import / export in Microsoft Excel and ASCII
  • Wizard for labels printouts
  • Reports the number of boards necessary for the production and the cutting patterns
  • Reports the effective material and statistics either of the optimization either individually either in its globality
  • Advanced economic verifications (in Microsoft Excel)
  • And many more features...
It returns the best solution taking into account the technical features of the machines, the saving of materials and optimal cutting patterns.
With the manual optimizer it is possible to manually intervene on the cutting patterns automatically generated by the software in order to insert or move some parts or to make up the boards with a high percentage of scraps.
For that kind of operation, the operator has at his disposal a set of tools to bring the parts together, or make them rotate or to copy and verify the feasibility. All those tools will unload the necessary controls.
Best format selection
The optimizer brings the parts together according to the material, the thickness, the pattern. The operator selects among the proposed boards and their availability in the warehouse, the ones that reduce to a minimum the scraps, the time and the total cost of the production.
Taking into account the available board formats from the supplier or the best measures to get the minimum of scraps, the software can choose the best formats for a particular production.
Individual management of woodgrain drection.Layout of parts to facilitate the unload of the machine. Choice for first cut direction.Headcut manager.
Data for cutting
The sequences of sawing are either available as printouts and/or as numerical data. Any kind of machines can be managed, each with their specific settings. The post-processor makes the most of the settings of the sawing machines.
Collaboration with third party software
Data from the different stores or productions can be exported or imported either in ASCII format, either in Microsoft Excel .xls format.
Printouts and reports
Printouts of cutting patterns, summaries, sequences of cut, optimization costs, of labels and barcodes.
Estimates, time and costs
The calculation of time can be anticipated or the calculation of a particular production.Estimates can be produced taking into account the cost of material, the hourly cost of operating the machines and the overall labour costs.
Edges management
Edges can be managed on each side, even if different.


This is one of the most important feature to guarantee a perfect communication with the workshop and the transmission of information regarding the different machining steps.
In this case, the file sent from woodLAB PLAN with the cutting patterns, already has the information for the labels.
Requires a Windows 10" tablet mounted on the saw and a label printer connected with the tablet.