IronCAD Homag Drillteq BHX and 3D CAD/CAM | woodLAB

A version of woodLAB optimized for vertical CNCs like DRILLTEQ or BHX


The new generation of HOMAG DRILLTEQ machines (also known as BHX) is particularly suited to the requirements of carpenters who have little space (in cities for example), while wanting to guarantee a high quality of machining rooms.

Mostly equipped with a tool magazine that can hold 4 cutters, the carpenter can perform 96% of common and recurring machining.

Among the advantages of this type of machine are:

  • Space saving thanks to the vertical design of the machine (less than 10m² floor area!)
  • No dead time (for the suction pad setting for example) since the parts are moved on the X axis by means of a clamp
  • The drilling head is powerful and especially fast

How to make the machine even more profitable?

Interface woodLAB

By investing in 3D CAD / CAM software like woodLAB, you get the power of parametric 3D CAD while automatically generating all woodwop (.mpr) programs for your machine.

With the IronCAD INOVATE version of woodLAB, we offer a more than affordable price to make your DRILLTEQ machine even more cost-effective and flexible.

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