3D CAD/CAM for architectural woodwork manufacturers| woodLAB
  • woodLAB is very user friendly

    User friendly

    Thanks to the "Drag & Drop" function and the use of catalogs.

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  • With woodLAB, you work with the same tools as on the workshop

    Tools & machinings

    You work with the same tools and cutters as on the workshop

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  • Hardware automatically generates the drillings and routings

    3D hardware

    The 3D hardware is enriched with machining information.

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  • The IronCAD Drawing is dynamically linked wit the 3D source object

    2D dynamic drawings

    2D drawings come in support of the workshop. They improve communication with the workshop and the customer.

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  • woodLAB is fully parametric

    100% parametric

    Like dominos, any modification triggers an update of all parts.

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  • Catalogs guarantee a quick execution


    You never make twice the same project, but you always make them the same way

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3D Parametric CAD CAM Software for cabinet makers

woodLAB:one suite, three applications for architectural woodwork projects

Did you know this? One CNC + woodLAB + a good organization = a great productivity and a lot of $ !

Discover the woodLAB suite in 100 seconds

Discover all the visual and intuitive features of woodLAB. As a carpenter, Cabinet maker, fitter or manufacturer of architectural joinery, you immediately feel at ease in this environment that already speaks to you. The interface is clear, simple and user-friendly. Thanks to the Windows Drag & Drop technique, designing has never been easier. You never do the same project twice, but you always build your cabinets the same way: woodLAB conforms to your work habits, effortlessly! Its 100% automatic post-processor is custom-written based on your instructions. The gain in productivity is considerable.


woodLAB is powered by IronCADOur approach to the design of parametric 3D furniture for automatic sending on a CNC machining center appeals to all our carpenter customers who have invested in the suite and who today would in no way back down. Fully integrated into the IronCAD direct modeling platform (www.ironcad.com), you benefit from its cutting-edge design technology in the field . But that's not all since the developers are carpenters with long experience in your trade.
Let's hear what our CNC evangelist says :


Automatic CAM is the key to the system. You never do the same projects twice, but you always build your cabinets the same way. Based on your information, we write a 100% tailor-made post-processor to match your working habits! Our CAM fully adapts to your CNC. We are talking about customizable automation of your production process with the integration of your communication and information system throughout the digital chain.
Listen to what our Chief Evangelist has to say about it:

Click here for a OSAI G-code example: CAM OASI cnc


PLAN, the cutting optimizer or also used to generate nesting on CNCs with a full table is inseparable from Cad and CAM. It guarantees a smooth communication afterwards but also the reduction of the rate of fall of the panels.

wwoodLAB PLAN is totally in line with the communication process throughout the digital communication chain via the printing of labels. woodLAB PLAN also exists in a Stand alone version

Hear what our Chief Evangelist has to say about it:


The woodLAB ACADEMY platform supports you in learning and getting started with 3D CAD/CAM woodLAB.

Two learning levels are offered: BASICS and EXPERT. In the Tips & Tricks module, you will find dozens of videos explaining how to perform this or that action.

And that's not all: on woodLAB ACADEMY you can download hardware libraries, documents, templates etc.

You have understood that we attach the greatest importance to assistance and support.

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