CABINEO of Lamello: a definitive booster for the CNC machines with nesting | woodLAB


Currently in Europe, the conventional technique used either in manufacturing kitchen items or panel-based interior designs is made via a concept of triple transformation:

  • Sawing parts on a horizontal saw (or vertical saw, saw beam …)
  • Edge banding treatment
  • Cutting and drilling
Flatpack of panels with cabineo connectors

The nesting alternative

The Nesting technique aims to optimize the interweaving of the parts to produce (rectangular or not) on one panel.

Many advantages are immediately obvious (ranked according to my point of vue)

  1. Lesser ground space required (two machines instead of three)
  2. The operator can go to other tasks (if you work alone, that’s really great)
  3. Less tool changes, no pods and rails setup
  4. Parts are calibrated
  5. Lower offcuts

But some disadvantages are obvious as well (ranked according to my point of vue)

  1. Traditional assembling methods like dowels cannot be processed easily
  2. Edge banding when hinges are present (however, this can be easily turn around)
  3. Lesser flexibility regarding special profiles

What about the dowel problem?

Dado and rabbet assembling in Europe is almost excluded. For many reasons but clearly, this is not a high-quality standard method of assembling. Dowels remain #1. Although the solution to this can be found by working with a horizontal drilling machine on the side, a revolution could be triggered by a brand that is well known and popular on the market: LAMELLO and its CABINEO. When LAMELLO decides to put a new hardware on the market, you can be sure it is well thought and totally reliable. And indeed, according to the feedback I get from my customers, CABINEO connector has been a definitive asset to develop their production.

Cabineo connector of Lamello

European market

Gradually, we can see that European manufacturers are beginning to put in here and there machines with nesting table. Curiously, they advertise for five axis machines instead of three. I do not really see any reason for this, except that they will make more money. All the benefits described above are naturally found on these machines.


Nesting machines make about 2% of the market in Europe at the moment. I believe that LAMELLO is opening new opportunities to carpenters who hesitated to cross the Rubicon. Just for this reason should CABINEO be taken as a serious asset and help the reluctant carpenters to take their future into their hands. Because, one thing is certain:

No CNC, no future !