IronCAD The main 3D and parametric features for woodworking | woodLAB
woodLAB IronCAD tools for machining

In IronCAD, your tools are directly modeled in 3D.
There are two reasons for that :

  • To get a realistic rendering on the part
  • To automatically get the corresponding cutter on the CNC

The tools for drilling, grooving and profiling are available to design the parts exactly the way you would do in the workshop.

Once the project is ready woodLAB CAD, by a simple click, the operator generates automatically the programs for the each part ! If necessary, the operator can always edit the machining (like the lead-ins and lead-outs) within the application delivered by the constructor of the machine.

woodLAB IronCAD works with 3D hardware

With woodLAB, you import hardware directly in 3D. Today, furniture hardware can be downloaded directly from the websites of manufacturers such as Blum, Hettich, Grass, Salice, Häfele. These hardware stores are enriched with machining information and then integrated into your virtual hardware store.

Management of the hardware library with the possibility to create, modify, import directly from the manufacturer's catalogues. Create your own hardware that will be available at any time.

woodLAB IronCAD auotmatically generates dynamic 3D drawings

This is probably one of the smartest feature according to carpenters.

It is not only very easy to generate the 2D views, sections and exploded views, with detail and dimensions, but any modification of the 3D object updates automatically the 2D drawing.

It is a smart way to eliminate drudgery. The 2D drawings support the workshop and the fabrication. They will improve communication with the workshop and the customer.

woodLAB IronCAD is 100% parametric

Today, one cannot imagine not working with parametric tools ! Any modification of the dimensions for example, triggers and update of each and every part.

  • Cabinet design (classical, with slope, etc...)
  • Hardware library manager and their positioning in the cabinet
  • Setup of drillings, grooving and routing operations etc..
  • Design of front models (cabinet fronts, doors etc...)
  • Design of drawer models
  • Manager of materials and borders
  • Manager of drawings, exploded views, sections etc...
  • Manager and creation of cutting lists with the possibility to export them in various formats.
  • Automatic quotation and drawings
  • Automatic export of all machinings to woodLAB CAM
  • Compliant with AutoCAD® files (allows the opening and saving of DWG, DXF, STL, IGES files etc...)
  • Export to popular ACM like AlphaCAM etc..

woodLAB IronCAD DRY works with catalogs

This is a native IronCAD feature. The idea behind this, is to gather in catalogs highly parametric and highly flexible items to reuse them with the "Drag & drop" feature. With a dozen cabinets in your catalog, you can design about 80% of your projects.

Many carpenters believe that woodLAB is not for them, because they do not make twice the same project. It is exactly the opposite ! It is because they always do their cabinets the same way that woodLAB is made for them.